entARC Laser C-LAS Articulated Arm
ARC Laser C-LAS Articulated Arm

Big performance, small footprint

Due to the compact design the laser with all its accessories (Micromanipulator C-Pro, focus handpieces, laser safety goggles, Smoke Evacuation, etc.) can be stored on the clever trolley without occupying additional valuable space in the OT. With 30 W maximal power and 10 W in SuperPulse you have more than sufficient power available in clinics daily routine.

Accessories „Made in Germany“

Our very precise Micromanipulator C-Pro with a spot diameter of only 100 µm is the perfect choice for ideal outcomes. Adaptable on every common microscope the C-Pro offers a precise, infinitely variable configuration of the working distance between 200-500mm. With the focus and defocus lever one can intuitively increase or decrease the spot diameter in size to either cut or coagulate without losing sight to the operation field. Also hand held the C-Las with articulated arm and handpiece stands out in your OT.

Always at your side

Different to other manufacturers we install a horizontal high-performance ceramic laser resonator which accompanies you for years in any situation without any power loss. As an air cooled system it is – different to water cooled systems – very low in maintenance. And if you nevertheless want to contact us – we are there for all your questions 24/7.

Focused on the essential

C-LAS CO2 Laser, Micromanipulator
















One footswitch controlling everything! The via the laser’s footswitch and therefore fully automated smoke evacuation provides a very long lifetime with constant filter performance. Only active when you really needed and you can focus on the essential.

Time saving control

In the daily routine of a hospital every second counts. The big touch display allows a fast and intuitive operation. Use predefined laser parameters for different procedures or create your own individual application programs. Retrieve them easily with only one touch at your next mission for health.


Superglottis Carcinoma Treatment with the CO2 Laser C-LAS