entARC Laser FOX IV - TruBlue
ARC Laser FOX IV - TruBlue
Réf : ARC Laser FOX IV - TruBlue

FOX IV - TruBlue

Small yet superior

Join the Tru-Blue Revolution

The FOX IV TruBlue is the perfect companion for everydays practice.

You already know more or less powerful diode lasers, but you do not know the efficiency of the 4 W TruBlue system. Not yet! Get to know and love the blue wavelength. No matter whether you are a dentist and would like to expose an implant or you are working in otology and want to vaporize the finest structures in the middle ear without contact - you work quickly and effectively almost like with a CO2 laser but much more flexibly.

Give your patient increased treatment and healing comfort through minimal tissue damage during the bloodless treatment.

Developed for modern practices

Its modern design makes it an eye-catcher in every treatment room and its compact design allows it to place it anywhere easily. The battery operation ensures wireless working and with the new quick-start function the laser is ready for use whenever and wherever you need it.


Make your surgical laser EmunDo-ready in a blink and not only that. Just (re-)connect the handpiece and get started.

Thanks to the modular design, 1+1 now equals ∞.

In combination with the 810 nm dock, you have the perfect wavelength for every application.