Primary care BILI-THERAPY Pad Type
Réf : Atom Medical BILI-THERAPY Pad Type

An LED phototherapy unit that irradiates the back of the infant provides effective

treatment for neonatal jaundice.



  • Point 1

The effective wavelength of this unit that utilizes blue LEDs as a light source helps facilitate the early discharge of infants.

Point 2

Since the unit can be placed on the neonate's bed, the mother and infant can stay in the same room during phototherapy.

Point 3

The infant can be observed even when a double light configuration is used for phototherapy.


Lineup / Technical Data

Power Voltage AC100V - 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Consumption 68VA
Light source Blue LED
Dimensions Main unit W15 x D22 x H16cm
Pad L: W17 x D48cm
S: W12 x D33cm
Weight Main unit Approx.2.1kg
Pad L: Approx.0.8kg
S: Approx.0.6kg