Primary careLabat AudioLite
Labat AudioLite
Réf : AudioLite (Stand Alone)

Product Features


1. Touch Screen enabled. Two independent channels.

2. Completely Digital-No frequent Calibrations.

3. No need to attach any media player to play speech words.

4. User can upload the speech words of choice (local language advantage).

5. Automatic calculation of speech scoring.

6. Automatic synchronized Tone & Masking.

7. High Frequency upto 20 KHz

8. Pocket size & power through USB port.

9. Choice of TDH 39/49 or DD 45 or Insert Ear phones.

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Test Possible

1. PTA (Pure Tone Audiometry)

2. Speech Audiometry.

3. Synchronized Masking.

4. SISI, ABLB, MOB, Tone Decay, Bekesy, Stenger, Lombard

5. Tinnitus Mapping.

6. Free Field Audiometry.

7. COR-Conditioned Orientation Reflex.