entARC Laser FOX 810,980,1064 nm
ARC Laser FOX 810,980,1064 nm
Réf : Diod laser


Exact and reliable

The FOX from A.R.C. Laser is the only calibrateable laser worldwide. No other system has such an advantage. Our FOX laser is the only one which can reliably provide you with the adjusted output power.

FOX sets new standards in security.

Laser Diodelaser
Display Color-Touchscreen

Wavelength: Power *

810 nm: 8 Watt

980 nm: 12 Watt

1064 nm: 10 Watt

Pulse length 100 µs bis 45s / CW
Pulse pause 100 µs bis 45s / SP
Aiming Beam Green 532 nm, adjustable
Fibercoupling A.R.C. Laser U.C. 2.0
Dimensions WxDxH

142 x 163 x 174 mm


142 x 102 x 192 mm


Weight 1.2 kg
Power Supply

100-240 V~

47-63 Hz,

1.06-0.45 A

or integrated battery, rechargeable

 FOX - System Brochure


FOX, 810 nm

A.R.C Diode Laser FOX 810nm


Primarily used for Transcleral Cylcodiode Laser procedures for Glaucoma


Transscleral Coagulation

DCR with 810 nm

Using the FOX laser greatly simplifies this procedure

Extremely effective to lower IOP

Targeted coagulation of the ciliary body

Easy to use

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Using the Fox cyclo-probe, typically 16 to 20 spots are delivered in a 360° pattern with 1.6 to 2 Watts

of power at 2 seconds per pulse which equates to approximately 4 Joules of energy. The IOP will be reduced by 40 to 50 percent (Becker, Feucht).

It may occur that a second or third treatment will be necessary to further reduce IOP step by step using fewer treated spots.




-Ambulatory therapy possible

-Reusable or disposable probes

-Battery operated means ultra portable

-Bare fiber and selection of probes


Brochure FOX810


FOX, 980 nm