OphthalmologyARC Laser FOX 514
ARC Laser FOX 514
Réf : ARC Laser

FOX, 514 nm


Laser chirurgical - FOX 514 - A.R.C. Laser - KTP / de table / microseconde

The FOX from A.R.C

There is broad range of applications for the FOX Diode laser in ophthalmology, so the cost can easily be shared and prorated over many areas of usage.

Back to the future





I have been through all the research, from the xenon lamp to KTPL lasers, to argon laser.

Today the latest, called "Argon", is as compact as a camera - If I had known that 43 years ago we could have

saved a lot of work in research and development - C'est la vie.elopment - C'est la vie.






The story begins with a dye laser from Meditec

The image shows the dye laser with all colors from green to yellow to red. The dimensions of the housing have decreased considerably, the systems have been effective and have established themselves in clinical therapy.


The A.R.C. KTP in 2009

"Second generation" KTP lasers have replaced the argon wavelength (514 nm). These lasers have become more affordable, and have quickly appeared in community hospitals and even in doctor's offices.


Our new FOX ENDO

The refinement of medical laser technology has made it possible to treat conditions previously considered incurable or difficult to treat. Patients benefit from better results and lower costs. Our new ENDO (1.5 Watt, cw) is equipped with pulses of the order of a microsecond.


Universal handpieces

It doesn't matter which system you are going to be working with: FOX, CLASSIC or ENDO, our handpieces are easy to use with all of these laser systems. The patented fiber click system allows full compatibility.



Applications chirurgical

Amplifier medium KTP

Ergonomics table

Microsecond pulse duration microsecond

Wave length 514 nm